Testing Complex VMware Environments in the Cloud

Ravello Systems at AWS re:Invent 2014

Many enterprise production environments run on VMware, but also have a need for temporary application environments. Often the entire environment and it’s networking are exceptionally complex, with hundreds of VM’s and virtual networks. Proper full-fledged environments are hard to come by for rigorous testing, especially when networking aspects are included.

Using Ravello, an exact replica of the total environment can be captured, and then uploaded or transferred to Amazon, even though many terabytes may be involved. Once it is on AWS, however, Ravello allows spin-up of the complete VMware environment in less than 20 minutes. The overall focus of Ravello is testing in the public cloud, allowing a team of development to test on a replica of the production environment.






Ofir Nachmani @iamondemand and  interviews  Navin Thadani, Senior VP Products – Ravello Systems




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