Migration Alone is Not Enough to Improve TCO

2nd Watch at AWS re:Invent 2014

Enterprise workloads in the public cloud require both implementation and migration into the cloud, and ongoing management of those workloads.

2nd Watch provides migration expertise and long term management of those workloads, and targets two types of customers: The first customer is a large organization that may have several hundred applications that need to be migrated into the AWS environment. They have developed a structured process called Cloud Factory, which to date has assisted over 35 major corporations in moving their data centers to AWS.

The second type of customer is called an Accelerator – who is looking for amore calculating in approach, focusing on TCO road mapping, developing service catalogs and more complete automation for management of the workloads. Over 75,000 instances are under active management today, representing a depth of experience that has been captured in a number of proprietary management tools that 2nd Watch makes available to their customers as a part of the workload management service.






Ofir Nachmani @iamondemand and  interviews  Jeff Aden, EVP Marketing and Business Development




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