Keep Multiple Cloud Costs Allocated Properly

Cloudyn at AWS re:Invent 2014

Combining a dynamic cloud service with application workloads that are also constantly changing, monitoring and control become a real challenge, especially when multiple public cloud vendors are used by the organization or when using a hybrid cloud strategy. The lack of control and loss of visibility of users, locations and resources cloud at minimum invites in-efficiency and more seriously impact security and reliability of service.

Cloudyn is said to monitor around ten percent of the worldwide AWS load, and these issues seem to be present in all regions across the world. Cloudyn allows you to identify the right mix of cloud vendors by management from a single dashboard, and also allows grouping of reports on resources and performance for cost allocation to various business groups within the enterprise.




Ofir Nachmani @iamondemand and  interviews  Sharon Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO – Cloudyn




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