Keep Sensitive Data Under Wraps

GreenSQL at AWS re:Invent 2014

Sensitive data like HIPPA,PCI,SOX, passwords and emails can easily sneak into your database. The cloud is generally a very open environment demands a shared security responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer. Putting data on the cloud in a secure and regulatory compliant manner is a major challenge, protecting it from competitors and cyber criminals.

GreenSQL is a software based front end add-on to the database, where all the sensitive information is stored. Once installed , the code fully camouflages and secures the data of applications,privileged users, and employees

The product combines monitoring, auditing, and dynamic data masking. Sensitive data auto discovery automatically scans and automatically applies policies and provides an automated compliance reports. Each and every query into the database is analyzed, but the overall interface has been simplified for ease of use. Installation is very rapid, and theproduct is available in the Amazon marketplace. You can find more info at .



Ofir Nachmani @iamondemand and  interviews  Amir Sadeh, CEO and Co-Founder GreenSQL




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