Cloud Migration Tools Must Change

CloudVelox at AWS re:Invent 2014

Amazon is making a major shift into the enterprise space, taking clear aim at VMWare. Greg Ness of Cloud Velox and other long-term industry veterans say that there are still issues concerning the cost of getting an enterprise IT span into the cloud. Amazon needs to make it faster, more convenient and less expensive to deploy apps into AWS. Many early cloud migration vendors began with tools aimed at developers for single servers that were not good for mixed environments, but the Trillion dollar Enterprise IT market demands a level of automation of stacks, application, network services and physical systems. CloudVelox technology offers the potential to automate up to 75% of the transition effort. Projects taking three to six months with thousands of man-hours of effort can be condensed into a few weeks.

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Ofir Nachmani @iamondemand and  interviews Greg Ness, WW Vice President of Marketing at Cloudvelox, Inc. 



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