Can Agile Process work for Hardware ?

Lean Design is Not Limited to Software Products

For products as seemingly mundane as thermostat, software is opening many new opportunities for innovation.  Dr. Scott Elliott, CEO of Techzecs LLC and Principal at TCGen , Inc outlines some of the topics of a workshop in San Francisco, CA December 11-12, in association with Management Roundtable.  Scott’s expertise is in helping technology companies improve their ability to develop innovative products rapidly in both hardware and software domains.

Developing a robust and agile process for reconciling hardware and software development techniques across the supply chain offers enormous opportunity to lower cost, reduce frustration, improve supplier relations, and speed time to market. With the advent of 3D printers that allow replication of dimensions if not materials and product development process tools such as Playbook, it’s possible to optimize partner relationships .

Registration is still in process through Management Roundtable, Inc.