Combating Hacktivists and Underground Security Markets

New Security Products from HP

HP Vice President and General Manager Frank Mong provides an overview of HP Enterprise Security Products being featured at HP Discover.  The environment differs from the vandalism and site defacement of eight or ten years ago into professional hackers, hacktivists, state sponsored actors or criminal organizations.

Today’s ecosystem includes marketplaces for executive research, proprietary information, firewall breaches and product details with either financial or sabotage motives. At HP Discover, two new defensive products were introduced: HP Atalla Secure Encryption and Key Management Suite.  Based on HP reserarch, most companies focus on blocking with firewall updates consuming 85% of the security budget. The increase in breaches and costs led HP to a different approach, focusing on security intelligence and encryption at the source.  HP also provides key management services for cloud environments and services.