Windows 8.1 on Tablet or Keyboard-Mouse

Windows 8.1 is growing in the consumer space, but moving to capture the advantages of mobility in enterprise settings requires the use of keyboard and mouse when back in home or office.

Using the Elitepad 1000 and the EliteBook 1040 and Win 8.1 Professional, Joseph Sahagian, Director of Commercial Sales, US OEM HP, demonstrates how Windows 8.1 can be used with traditional mouse and keyboard in situations where the knowledge worker needs additional screen space or is transitioning from a regular Windows 7 workstation environment.

MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint are essential for every business user – and the offerings from HP allow the mobile user to take full advantage of these tools. WIth the flexibility of switching from touch to keyboard/mouse, the same Modern UI operates the same way on either mode. If you are operating on a detachable device, you can extend battery life on the tablet by plugging into the expansion interface, even if the unit is powered off.

The background remains the same regardless of mode, and the keyboard Windows key toggles between the Modern UI touch configuration and traditional keyboard/mouse.