What’s New with HP Networking

Virtual Cloud Networking and HP Helion OpenStack


HP’s Jacob Rapp, Sr. Manager of SDN Marketing, HP Networking provides an overview of the Networking products introduced at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas.

HP announced the SDN app called Virtual Cloud Networking. This app requires no upgrade of the network to deploy isolated virtual networks in minutes versus weeks or months, and at the same time optimize the application’s network environment. HP is taking a broad view to insure that customers have the resources to transform their existing network and remove risk at each step of the way with technical services and transformation workshops. Customers are able to choose the speed and scope of transformation to align with seasonal business variations and technology windows.

HP’s products have been laying the groundwork for this process since 2007 in HP hardware, and by combining HP Cloud Virtual Networking with HP Helion OpenStack, an orchestration layer is added to Software Defined Networking. The net result is responsive business agility in a proactive strategy instead of being stuck in a reactive mode.