Mobility Tools from HP Get Apps Out the Door

HP’s Mobile App Dev Platform


HP’s Genefa Murphy, Senior Director Application Delivery Management speaks in an interview at HPDiscover 2014 in Las Vegas  and discusses how enterprises need to optimize for quality, security and scale in mobile apps, while ensuring the user mobile experience.

By 2020, over a hundred billion connected devices will comprise the mobile universe, and enterprises must develop, test, deploy and monitor of applications. WIth lots of focus on the user experience and a rapid change in target platforms and changing network conditions.

HP speaks of “Bring your own . .. stuff ” which includes devices,  content, applications, configurations, preferred context and connectivity to the mobile environment. Often there is a mixture of personal and corporate data on the same physical device that must be protected and partitioned.

Analytics and monitoring of the application’s use is critical to understand how, when and where the app is being used and is a huge part of the end to end lifecycle. HP’s Mobile App Dev platform and other tools are referenced during the interview.