HP Converged System Technology

Maximizing ROI and Keeping Enterprise Skills Sharp


HP’s Gary Stevens, Manager of Global Business Development for HP Converged Systems provides a quick refresher on HP’s optimized and purpose built systems for Big Data, SAP HANA, Virtualization or other specific workload. In addition to being optimized for the application, it is tailored for management throughout the lifecycle.

HP OneView – the single pane management system has been added to HP Converged Systems especially for virtualized environments such as VMWare or Microsoft virtualization products. This allows not only the server, network and storage environments to be monitored, but allows orderly expansion as a part of the solution and guards against over or under-provisioning.

Many HP customers are transitioning their procurement models to help manage acquisition cycles and maximize the ROI over time, protecting against technology risk and changing business conditions. Moreover, HP’s design center and manufacturing allows customers to have freedom from maintaining special skill sources on staff and keeping skills fresh.