Spiceworks 7.2 Beta Demo at InterOp 2014

Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting with Spiceworks



SpiceWorks’ Caroline Tipton presents Spiceworks Version 7.2 beta at InterOp 2014 in Las Vegas, and highlights the troubleshooting flow that allows you to investigate a particular device on the network during the demo.

In considering your network, you also need to be able to monitor mobiles and cloud services. The new Spiceworks 7.2 features the ability to deploy and monitor remotely, reporting back on any cloud services that are accessed. Remote scanners can be deployed as groups or as individual devices.

The final portion of the demo included a new help desk, featuring faster load of trouble tickets and decreasing the time required to find a specific issue or tie to a specific monitor or alert.  A classic version of the previous edition is also included.