WebRTC in 2016: Look Out !

Anyone Can Stress Your Network with webRTC Video


It won’t be long before developers will be unleashed worldwide on video, using WebRTC. Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director at Nemertes Research collaborated with Dr. Brent Kelly, Ph.D of KelCor, Inc, a specialized consulting firm. Both the upside applications and some downside concerns were covered.

WebRTC permits developers to easily add applications, and third party services are clearly building. It enables customers to interact directly with websites via video without additional downloads or plug-in. Already in Chrome, other companies such as Cisco are adding capabilities as well.

As exciting as this might be adding video and audio capabilities into a browser app can drastically increase the demands on bandwidth and latency issues. Plus, since a data channel is also provided, there are ways to push documents through the system that might bypass traditional security safeguards. Multiple people require more processing capability that may be beyond the resources of mobile terminals, resulting in highly variable quality of service.


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