Enterprise Teleconferencing Grows in Cloud

Virtualization and Enterprise Video Conferencing


by Andrew McCaskey

AUSTIN, TX – Professional grade video conferencing is experiencing a transition from dedicated infrastructure to virtualized central systems, but still has a significant hardware component on the end points of the system.  Video Conferencing Evangelist Simon Dudley from LifeSize ( a Division of Logitech)  discusses how the same trends in other enterprise workloads have been extended into video conferencing.

Because of virtualization, it has become much more economical to selectively deploy dedicated end points. The LifeSize customers that are most successful are those that employ room based systems with the highest quality into their workflow, then expanding into desktops and laptops or mobile as augmentation to the room top system. Then desktop solutions become a replacement for a room based meeting, not a replacement for in in person meeting.

Web conferencing systems often rely extensively on cloud computing, but many clients put up virtualized clients of their own on run on Amazon or Rackspace or on appliances within their own infrastructure.


The majority of meetings still take place room to room, with experience that allows the technology to disappear into the background.


The next session of this series will address specifics of the cloud implmentations and reference architectures for a variety of enterprise deployment types.