Are Enterprises Ready for the Data Tsunami ?

The Internet of Things is only Part of the Story


AVOA’s CIO Strategic Advisor Tim Crawford @tcrawford  discusses some of the implications of the multi-Petabyte informational load most organizations will have to manage in the coming years, as communicating sensors and processes flood the enterprise data center, storage and management processes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) data is only a portion of the flow of data, much of it personal in nature that has regulatory and privacy implications. Most of the data will have a value half life with value that may deteriorate over time. This will force processes that determine what data to keep and what data to remove – with consequences for those decisions that may have implications for the organization spanning many years.

Tim offers several thoughts on estimating the maturity of CIO capacity to meet the challenge.The interview is available at, YouTube/SDRNewsTV, and .