Leadership: Keeping Commitments

Performing at High Level in Your Business

SDRNews: Ten Tenets of Leadership host Larry Pendergrass leads a discussion with two senior executives, Terry Barnholt of Sandoz Division of Novartis, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and Doug Elder, CEO of AEi, a company who makes automation equipment for the automotive and mobile camera markets.

Some cultures use the ability to meet a commitment in a small or less relevant matter as a test if the probability of success in a larger context. Leaders that place emphasis on small commitments, such as showing up on time for meetings help to build team and credibility, either in the role of the individual contributor or the role of the team leader.

The discussion moves into best practices in the management of voice-mails, emails and time.

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Doug ElderDoug Elder is currently the CEO of AEi, a company who makes automation equipment for the automotive and mobile camera markets.

Prior to joining AEi, Mr. Elder was the President and CEO of Boston Semiconductor Equipment, a semiconductor equipment servicing company which bought out Test Advantage Inc. where Mr. Elder was an Executive Vice President.  From 1986 to 2008 Mr. Elder served in various executive and senior management roles at Teradyne Inc. the leading semiconductor test equipment manufacturer in the world, the last role as the Vice President and General Manager of all the companies business units.  Mr. Elder holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minors in electrical engineering and math from Union College. Mr. Elder has lived in Singapore and has extensive experience in the world’s electronics manufacturing markets.



Terry BarnhartLarry Barnholt is  currently Head of Process Excellence at Sandoz, the generic pharmaceuticals division of Novartis.

Larry’s role is to research, facilitate, study and teach the improvement of performance through the design and implementation of fast-learning systems.

Specialties:Development of strategy for and implementation of system and human performance improvements, especially those in creative environments (R&D and management)
Facilitating small-to-large scale interventions of functional and integrated business units for dramatic performance improvements