Future of Data Centers in 2020

HP View of the Future of IT –

Mike Shaw from HP Strategic Marketing provides an overview of HP’s initiative to engage HP Customers and internal experts in a discussion of the future of the datacenter.

The impact of virtualization and cloud computing that are being felt today can only be expected to accelerate. Gaining business advantage becomes a major challenge when the  nominal cost structure of competitors may be same as, or perhaps lower than yours. Far-sighted management must figure out how to deploy those commoditized resources in new ways to gain the agility and responsiveness required.

HP has engaged on a community basis with employees, external subject matter experts, and customers to define this new environment.

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 On-Site Interview at HP Discover 2013 Barcelona by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews


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mike 400kMike Shaw

Director, Strategic Marketing, HP Software Hewlett-Packard Company

Mike Shaw is director of Strategic Marketing at HP Software. He has been with HP for 30 years.

Half of that time was in R&D, mainly as an architect. The other 15 years have been spent working in product management, product marketing and, now, strategic marketing.

Mike was a key contributor to HP’s Enterprise 2020 project and is an avid blogger on’s Discover Performance blog.