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HP Cloud Professional Services: The Guide to New Style IT Strategy

Larry Hinmann, from HP Cloud professional services provides an overview of HP’s Cloud professional services and show how HP works with HP Customers to develop a comprehensive hybrid cloud infrastructure.

HP’s is countering the common misconception that Cloud Computing is primarily a technology upgrade task that saves lots of money. Structure, predictability, agility, and a total re-thinking of using IT as a strategic tool in a business. Some of the publicized benefits of on demand compute and storage resources are best realized in a multi-vendor environment, and HP is focused on this hybrid environment. HP is committed to portable, vendor neutral architectures in the implementation of the strategy.

HP has found that a coherent cloud strategy can help attract and retain key talent, who want to be part of the new style of IT architecture, design and management.

 On-Site Interview at HP Discover 2013 Barcelona by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews


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Larry HinmanLarry Hinman


Global Practice Leader, Cloud Services

30+ years of experience working within the telecom and data center industries.
Previous roles have included engineer, consultant, manager, and executive management.
Proficient with IT, networks, and data center planning, consulting, design, migrations, recovery planning, and program management.

Specialties:IT, WAN Networks, Disaster Recovery, Data Centers, and developing/managing consulting practices.