Using HP One View – Collapsing IT Management Silos

HP Streamlining IT for Business Agility

HP’s Brad Kirby, Group Manager Converged Infrastructure Management,  provides an overview of HP’s vision for streamlining the management process for various domains of expertise, allowing for faster deployment than domain specific tools or templates.

HP’s strategy includes development of templates that can be deployed thousands of times, with uniform results without the tasks of maintaining CLI scripts, not only for initial deployment but also for maintenance. Domain experts in networking, compute, or storage are now able to concentrate on a higher level of efficiency, configuring templates that combine their expertise with other specialists.

HP’s customers benefit from greater standardization of infrastructure, with a single configuration for physical and virtual infrastructure. Rapid roll-out and agility result. Using HP MapView the association between storage, servers, virtual connect and other elements, configuration changes can be also be visualized. With a RESTful API, HP OneView can also provide services to other management programs and network automation tools.

 On-Site Interview at HP Discover 2013 Barcelona by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews


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Brad KirbyBrad Kirby


Brad Kirby

Team Manager, Converged Systems

Hewlett-Packard Company


Brad has worked at HP for fifteen years with a focus on systems management and partner relationship management. Early in his career, he served as product manager for HP Systems Insight Manager and has managed lead product management efforts for many of HP’s systems management offerings such as HP Integrated Lights-out and HP Insight Control. Recently, Brad has been responsible for managing the OEM and systems management integration efforts with Microsoft and is currently responsible for product management across cloud, converged systems and converged infrastructure management within the newly formed Converged Systems organization. Brad received his undergraduate degree from Duke university and MBA from Columbia University..