HP Tech Talk: The Hybrid Cloud Delivery Model

Why Hybrid Cloud Matters: Workloads Jump Cloud-to-Cloud in the Real World


HP’s Stephan Spector introduces an expert guest on Hybrid Cloud, Sunil Chhabra, Senior Director of Marketing, HP Cloud.

In a wide ranging discussion on the basics of management decisions that must be considered in the cloud journey, Sunil examines the real world model where customers need to manage the deployment of workloads regardless of the origin of the application, either on private or public cloud or in a managed asset environment. End customers have to preserve business agility but at the same time insure that existing IT infrastructure investment is not wasted and insure that the enterprise is not locked in to a specific vendor or deployment scheme.

HP offers “under the same roof” capacity to manage public, private or managed clouds, complemented by professional services. With a strong commitment to open-source efforts under OpenStack, HP’s long term focus is in the customer’s interest, allowing a mix of open source and proprietary for planning and management.



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sunilchSunil Chhabra is the Senior Director of Cloud Marketing at HP. He has worked in the tech industry for the past 20 years and has had a variety of roles in his career: software development, product management and marketing in the networking and security sectors. Sunil’s area of focus over the past five years has been the Cloud. He led the cloud marketing initiative at Cisco when that company first announced its entry into the Cloud space. His area of interest is in taking complex technology and figuring out how to convey customer benefits that derive from that technology. Sunil has been at HP since early 2013 and is driving the analysis of Hybrid Cloud benefits, challenges to adoption, and why customers will look to Hybrid.