AWS re:Invent – Sumologic

Machine Analytics is More than just Search


Most log management products are built on the notion of search. The problem is that to find and correct an issue, you have to know what you are searching for. Sumologic’s approach with analytics provides the ability to uncover events without writing rules or search scripts looking for a specific error condition. The process is data source agnostic.The collectors are set up for AWS, network layer or other elements of the cloud, running in either agent or agentless mode. Sumologic does the parsing and analytics and presents the data back to the user.

The net result is reducing troubleshooting times, monitoring security and analytics, or use in their QA to minimize errors in development of new apps.


CIO Strategic Advisor Tim Crawford of AVOA   (@tcrawford)  interviews Sanjay Sarathy, CMO of Sumologic, Inc




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