Video Conferencing Reset

The Consumerization of Video Conferencing

An interview series  — by Andy McCaskey, SDRNews

Look what’s also changing! Mobile devices, cloud computing, and the access to high quality video connectivity at rock bottom (sometimes free) price points have recast an important part of  the communications mix: Video conferencing. While video conference equipment has been a part of large enterprise planning  for years, Small Business video and the demands for mobile video conferencing have rapidly caused end users to seek new solutions. IT senior management needs a plan for business video conferencing in this new environment. Just like BYOD -Bring Your Own Device – and cloud computing can result in “shadow IT” , video can cause similar headaches.

Several weeks ago, I was part of a Tech Day at Lifesize, A Division of Logitech in Austin, TX – along with a number of industry analysts and bloggers. The event was designed to educate specialsts with their own perspectives on video, Enterprise level IT management, Unified Communications, medical, and education.  For a day and a half, we were  briefed by Marketing and Tech teams from Lifesize  – with a full factory tour and opportunity to talk with specialists and management at a number of levels.

One of the participants with a unique perspective is Jon Arnold, of Jon Arnold Associates of Toronto, ON. In this episode of SDRNews Live, we talk about Jon’s recent article at Unified Communications Strategies: Today’s VIdeoconferencing Landscape – Connectivity versus Collaboration.



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Jon Arnold is Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent telecom analyst and marketing consultancy with a focus on IP communications. Previously, he was the VoIP Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan, where he was responsible for managing their subscription service for Global VoIP Equipment Markets.

In July 2009, Jon formed Intelligent Communications Partners and partnered with TMC to produce the Smart Grid Summit and launch the Smart Grid portal. These ventures served to create a forum and build a new community around the intersection of energy utilities, smart homes, telecom and IT. More recently, Jon was named to the Smart Grid Advisory Board in May 2012 for Zpryme Research.

In May 2008, rated Jon’s widely read IP Communications blog #1 among all Telecom blogs, and VoIP News has included Jon on their 2007 Top 25 VoIP Blogs list.

Jon writes a bi-monthly column about contact centers for Exony (, a weekly column on Unified Communications for ADTRAN (, a monthly post for UCStrategies (, is an Adviser to Focus (, and an Expert contributor to Tech Target (