Cloud Chronicle: Mythbuster Survey

SMB Concerns Might Not be Real


Patrick Pushor brings some interesting news to the show citing an new survey that seems to indicate that all of the talk about privacy, security and difficulty of configuration might be just talk. The recent survey by Microsoft of small business IT managers establishes that Cloud Computing providers have proven themselves to be more reliable than many hardware based implementations – and offer lots of flexibility as well.

1) New study (sponsored by MS) states that many of the typical concerns (security, availability) associated with cloud computing are myths rather than realities :

2) IBM planning to replace newly acquired SoftGrid technology with OpenStack.  Why did they buy them then?  People (skills), facilities (maybe), and image.

3) Om Malik – “It might actually be good, or even better than Evernote. But I still won’t use Google Keep. You know why? Google Reader.”  … What happens when Software as a Service vendors dissapear?  We don’t cover a lot of SaaS on this show – but it is a question for all cloud vendors.  The notion of your data disappearing with a service closure is a real risk and likely influences peoples decision to utilize such services.




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