Intel: IT as Catalyst for Change

How Must People Adapt to Dynamic IT ?


TED Talk presenter Dr Tony Salvador, Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Intel Experience Insights Lab  raises the question of how people are adapting to a new world, moving data with literally the touch of a finger.

We speak of networks of people within and across corporate boundaries, and the relationship of those networks to market opportunities and growth. Tony shares some of the insights that he says show how the New Style of IT makes us more human, and increases individual social power.



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Tony Salvador

Director of Experience Insights Research
Interaction & Experience Research Lab

Dr. Tony Salvador, Senior Principal Engineer, currently directs research in the Experience Insights Lab within Intel Corporation. His team’s role is to identify new, strategic opportunities for technology based on an understanding of fluctuating, global socio-cultural values. Tony leads a team of social scientists and business analysts to look for, find and develop viable opportunities to create local, sustainable value with new high tech products, services and infrastructures. His ongoing research interests concern disruptive innovation practice, development and new market creation with an ethnographic perspective.

Previously, he directed research for the Emerging Markets Platforms Group and was instrumental in the research and design of the Intel powered classmate PC. Prior to that he was a research scientist and co-founder of Intel’s People & Practices Group.

Tony received his bachelor’s degree in Experimental Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He earned a Ph.D. in Human Factors and Experimental Psychology at Tufts University in Boston. He has over 50 published papers and patents in academic journals as well as more popular venues.