Cloud Chronicle: Interoperability

Interoperability, Cloud Skillsets, and AWS Trivia

Headlines This Week

Cloud interoperability and portability seems to be a hot topics these days for the develpor finding the right configuration of code and file dependencies to allow the application to execute successfully across a variety of cloud platforms

  • Battle for the Open Cloud API is an important player when entering the implmentation phase and moreover the needs for standards .. what will be the best fit VM in Azure to replace an AWS extra large machine?
  • Lack of skills in the traditional IT team – The shortage of cloud skills in IT teams is so severe it’s holding up deployments and leaving firms to look outside to buy in costly expertise. Amazon offers cloud certifications; more proof that AWS is all grown up

If your team are proficient, that means they are better skilled to adopt and enjoy Amazon cloud business values.  Newvem Cloud Community members can take a fun time and test their Amazon cloud knowledge with a Newvem-sponsored

Trivia game

Over six hundred fifty questions in the pool now, and a Microsoft Azure version the works !