MMS: HP and Microsoft

Partners Over Thirty Years


SDRNews coverage of the Microsoft Management Conference began with an update from Jeff Carlatt  – Director of Marketing – HP ISS Software and Mark Hassall – Director in the Server & Tools Business Group for Microsoft.


Biographic Information

Courtesy of HP and Microsoft

Jeff Carlat is director of Marketing, focused on Infrastructure Management and partner software for Industry Standard Servers and Software in the Enterprise Group at HP.  Carlat and his team are accountable for the software business aligned with HP ISS and HP Converged Infrastructure and is chartered with building and delivering high-value, innovative products including comprehensive infrastructure life cycle management products such as Insight Management software.  Carlat and his team also deliver innovation through key ISV partner integration as well as comprehensive solutions including internally developed IP focused on technologies spanning the infrastructure, virtualization layer, operating environment and infrastructure management. Complimentary to the product and solution development is a focus on business development, go-to-market and ongoing business management.

Mark Hassall is a Director in the Server & Tools Business Group for Microsoft Corp, where he is responsible for the strategic partnership with Hewlett-Packard and the joint Infrastructure to Applications Private Cloud and Mission Critical SQL initiatives.