Windows 8 in the Enterprise

Boris Schneider-Johne

Product Marketing Manager – Microsoft

Twitter Handle: @borisschnohne (although he tweets mainly in German).

In this interview, we have discussion of Windows8 in the enterprise, and demonstration of some of the touch enabled devices and user interface. Unchanged since 1995, the Windows UI reflected the environment of work with desktop, files and folders. The new environment of mobile, dynamic and connected ways of doing business – wherever and whenever you are located. The mixture between business and personal use has implications for security and device management, but the expectation of employees is the consumerization of the device.

Boris demonstrates his favorite feature- the left-right swipe to select active apps. He also reveals some of the memory management features of Windows8 that deliver exceptional performance and a good user experience.  The personalization of the tile interface provide additional flexibility. The security and performance in the enterprise are key factors that insure a bright future for the Windows 8 platform in the enterprise.



Boris Schneider-Johne, Enthusiast Marketing Manager, has been at Microsoft Germany for the past 16 years in several different marketing roles. He launched Xbox Live, Xbox 360 and Kinect and switched to the Windows team in early 2011 in preparation for the launch of Windows 8. He specializes in working with technical press, bloggers and social media but touches all marketing disciplines including media and retail marketing. He also is putting the finishing touches on his first Windows 8 app, is part of the successful podcast “Spieleveteranen” (Veterans of Gaming) and has received Microsofts “Circle of Excellence: Platinum” award in July 2012. His Twitter-handle is @borisschnohne (although he tweets mainly in German).