Security Strategies for Cloud

Rafal Los

Senior Security Strategist

HP Software

Blog: Following the White Rabbit (URL:

The cloud is pushing the limits of how we handle security. For many years, security was a way of setting a fortress to guard data, but now the cloud is forcing organizations to examine various delivery models and purposes. Poorly coded apps that depend upon a strong shell of protection from a firewalled environment for proper operation when ported to a cloud virtual environment will expose those apps to all sorts of exploits.

Raf talks about the importance of planning – early in the process – for security to insure that it is not just a “speed bump” on the way to app release. A determined dedicated attacker will find their way in. The detect -respond – restore analysis and planning will provide a depth of defense that will result in effective protection of business assets.



Rafal Los, Senior Security Strategist at Hewlett-Packard Software, brings a pragmatic approach to enterprise security. Combining over a decade of technical, consulting and management skills in Information Security, he uses experience to build bridges between technology and people, effectively “hacking the boardroom.” As a sought-after writer and speaker he currently focuses on the various strategic aspects of enterprise security and emerging technologies to empower business to be agile. He is an advocate for focus on sound security fundamentals and is a contributor to open standards and organizations – volunteering his time to groups such as OWASP and the Cloud Security Alliance. His blog, Following the White Rabbit, is his unique perspective on the various aspects of enterprise security, emerging technologies, and current events and can be found at

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