Cloud Success and Vision

Azeem Mohamed


Director, Global Cloud Strategy, HP Enterprise Group

Much of the time that our guest spends with our customers is helping HP to bring the right mix of Cloud Services to customers, as a part of Converged Infrastructure. IT and customers are looking for delivery models that are service centric – with cloud becoming a way to centralize the delivery of services. Customers need help in determining the needed services and evaluating the cost, agility requirements and security of various solutions.



Azeem Mohamed has served as HP’s Director of Global Cloud Strategy since July, 2011.

He has been a leader of the HP cloud solutions portfolio and sales efforts over the last 5 years as Business Development lead for Enterprise Business and as the Manager of the Business Consulting organization in HP Software. Prior to HP, Azeem was Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Vizioncore, Inc (a virtualization management company), where he led 760% growth of revenue in under 18 months. From 1998 until 2004, Azeem led Product Marketing and Product Management for Quest Software, Inc. and drove new product revenue growth of over $200M for two product lines while managing a product portfolio of over $300 Million. A recognized speaker at conferences and author of several industry White

Papers, Azeem often works with companies to help align their business strategies with solutions to ensure business success.

Azeem Mohamed graduated with a B.S. in Political Science with a focus on International Law from Northern Illinois University, and holds a Masters Certificate for Information Technology from the University of Illinois.

VIDEO: Interview with Azeem Mohamed, Director of Global Cloud Strategy, HP

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