Cloud Based Movie Production

 Production Minds Harnesses the Cloud

This group of entrepreneurs in Budapest have decided to tackle an industry that in some ways is known for technology, but just like in Wizard of Oz, there is a lot going on behind the curtain that surprises everyone when the curtain is pulled back.

Even as movie, television, and commercial production moves all over the world, many of the tools in use are right out of the 1990’s: spreadsheets, emails and attachments. The complexity regarding one set of shooting decisions can result in hundreds of emails, threaded scores of times – to team members all over the world.

Production minds creates a cloud based environment for project management, communications, asset management and adds a social media interactive element within the team responsible for the production across continents and time zones.

President Daniel Jonsson and Community Manager David Armstrong of Production Minds  give us a quick overview of the product and discuss how cloud computing impacts their new business.