Placing Applities in Infrastructure

E.G Nadhan continues his lecture on Applilties and Cloud deployment . . . .

Picking the right home for Applities


E.G.Nadhan, Lead Technologist, HP Enterprise Services, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry delivering solutions in distributed environments. As the Lead Technologist for Global Strategic Capabilities within HP Enterprise Services (Applications), Nadhan leverages his experience to build and grow the standardized set of processes and tooling direction within Application Services.

In this interview, he introduces the following questions:


Did you know your applications have their own personalities? At HP, we call these “Applities.” Like people, Applications need to have the right home. They must be housed in the right infrastructure for them to be most effective at the business purpose they serve. How do you ensure that your applications are running on the right infrastructure in your House of IT? Extend the psychology of Applities to the infrastructure.


1. How does the nature and type of an application impact the infrastructure it runs on?


2. Shouldn’t the enterprise already have the right infrastructure in place for all their applities?


3. Can you use the concept of Applities to determine if Applications are ready to be deployed on the Cloud?


Nadhan is the co-chair for the Service Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure project within The Open Group’s Cloud Computing Work Group. He chairs the HP Open Group Strategy Steering Committee that enforces consistency in the level and nature of HP participation and contributions to The Open Group.

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