Introducing Appilities

Applities- Application Personalities


E.G.Nadhan, Lead Technologist, HP Enterprise Services, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry delivering solutions in distributed environments. As the Lead Technologist for Global Strategic Capabilities within HP Enterprise Services (Applications), Nadhan leverages his experience to build and grow the standardized set of processes and tooling direction within Application Services.

In this interview, he introduces the following questions:

Welcome to a world where applications have their own personalities. At HP, we call these “Applities.” You need to identify and understand these little apps to know how to best manage them and make them work in your enterprise. This session will discuss the various Applities in the enterprise and how developing a strategy to manage them can achieve maximum benefits. Think of it as IT with a psychology twist.

1. Why did you chose to map Applications to personalities?

2. Can an Application change personalities?

3. Can an Application have multiple personalities?

4. Profiling Applications is not a new concept. What is unique about profiling them as Applities?.


Nadhan is the co-chair for the Service Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure project within The Open Group’s Cloud Computing Work Group. He chairs the HP Open Group Strategy Steering Committee that enforces consistency in the level and nature of HP participation and contributions to The Open Group.

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