Global Crowdsource Strategy

Lori Lewis explains new HP Crowdsource Project

Envisioning IT’s Future with Global Crowdsourcing


Lori Lewis,Global Outbound and Digital Marketing Senior Leader at HP Enterprise Services, Applications Services is based in Boise, ID.

In her current role, Lori has responsibilities to establish and execute the outbound and digital marketing objectives and activities, including thought leadership and social media channel promotion.

Enterprise2020 is a new initiative – seeking a perfect 20/20 view of the Enterprise in the Future. Combining insights of clients, academics, HP stockholders and experts from all sorts of industries, HP is providing an open and inclusive approach to capturing the best set of solutions that will reflect the needs of real people.

This crowdsourcing initiative will roll out a total of six chapters, with discussion and interaction at each stage, providing opportunity to capture and challenge thoughts from many different points of view.


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