Brian Ng: Foundational Competencies for Big Data

Top Tier Company Innovation and Thought Leadership


Brian Ng is Director of Strategy and Portfolio for Information Management and Analytics.

Strategic management of Big Data. Understanding what Big Data can mean to Top Tier companies.

Big data is really an evolution of the environment that includes a new level of challenges. in structure and volume – but with the biggest factor being the speed at which the data streams in, often in unstructured form. Technology has enabled the mechanics of reacting to this new environment, but the real challenge remains making sure that the business units are in alignment.


HP works with clients to take a holistic view. Business alignment and participation in a monetization strategy for the opportunities that big data presents a constant target in all sorts of industries. The new insights have to be integrated into existing traditional enterprise data to generate the greatest value for the company.

Other critical success factors include focus on foundational capabilities and apps, not directing all attention and investment on complex realtime processing, clickstream monitoring, etc.


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